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BMA West has partnered with employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators and attorneys since 2006.  With over 30 years of workers compensation and multi-line insurance experience, our mission is to utilize our medical, claims and legal expertise,  to provide our clients the personal service and expert allocations that they deserve in a timely, accurate and affordable manner all while preserving the rights of the Medicare beneficiary and the employer.  We strive to improve the conditions of our clients and to help employers and their claims teams create a collaborative effort in returning employees to work and resolving claims.

Our Services

Medicare Compliance – Settling insurance claims has always required that every aspect of risk has been addressed.  Most MSA companies don’t understand this, because they are not experts in risk and insurance.  BMA West has been providing expert Medicare Set Aside arrangements since 2006, seeking to create the most opportune settlement that could eliminate or reduce the employer’s long term risk from Medicare, Medicare Commercial Repayment and other unseen future medical developments.

Workers compensation legacy claim resolutions – Virtually every employer in the country has a claim inventory littered with legacy claims (claims over five years old).  For public entities and private employers, they weigh heavily on the bottom line, costing employers millions of dollars a year in legal and medical costs, for employees who likely are no longer employed!  Our goal is to help our clients realize significant long term savings by reducing their claim inventories from these costly claims.

Workers Comp Advocacy – Our workers comp claim advocacy service helps our clients regain control of their workers comp claims.  By creating a collaborative relationship with third-party administrators and injured employees; establishing attainable goals and expectations; devising proactive protocols, we develop an environment of advocacy that transforms the workers comp experience from a risk and insurance perspective as well as from a claims administration point of view!  Clients realize long term savings in return for a reasonable investment!