MSA Self Administration

Steps to WCMSA self-administration:

1) Set up a bank account (easy peasy)

2) Go to the doctor’s office. Tell them you’ll be paying with your MSA monies & not to bill Medicare.  Get treatment for your WC injury making sure the MSA account is used to pay for only Medicare allowable services. (not so easy peasy)

3) Review your bill and keep detailed records of the service, transaction, check numbers, etc.

4) Send your yearly attestation letter to Medicare (CMS) outlining your expenditures for Medical & Rx costs; any interest earned & the balance of the WCMSA.

There’s a high likelihood that the injured worker may fail at this. Maybe professional administration is worth the cost!  It’s better to have all issues addressed than having them boomerang around back along with further litigation.

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Annual MSA Attestation

Every year, the administrator (injured worker, professional administrator) must sign and send a statement (attestation) that payments from the Medicare Set Aside account were made for Medicare-covered medical expenses related to the work-related injury. This annual attestation must be submitted no later than 30 days after the end of each year, beginning one year from the establishment of the MSA account. Annual self-attestation should continue until the MSA account is depleted permanently & finalized with CMS. Medicare, will at that point, become the primary payer. hashtagmedicare hashtagriskmanager hashtagworkerscomp hashtagclaimsmanagement hashtagworkerscompensation hashtagmedicareadvantage hashtagclaims hashtagriskmanagment hashtaghumanresources hashtagbmawestmsa hashtagwcemployerschool hashtagparma hashtagbmawest

Front Line Claims & Risk Services

We’re happy to introduce our Front Line Claims & Risk Services to small and medium businesses! These services will make available expertise which was customarily affordable to only large businesses! Now, small to medium sized businesses can count on the same expert coaching and expertise in both English and Spanish! We expect this service module to do well in Southern California!

BMA West Front Line Claim Services 2019

Call us at (949) 830-2027 or email to

If I was waiting to feel proactive, I’d still be waiting!

Sometimes, in the world of corporate, big box insurance companies, way way up at the top of the food chain, an inkling of a message has been realized by a big wig somewhere in the organization.  That message is “I think our clients may not be satisfied with our performance.”   “Hmm. Oh well” , he says, we did meet our numbers last year.”  He moves on to the next task on his list of priorities.  That’s the way things work when employers hire big box companies to work on their behalf.  They hire the name, not necessarily the answer to their needs.  Not that there is anything wrong with big box vendors.  However, these companies are usually better equipped to handle the needs of other big box corporations with equally deep pockets.

Smaller employers and public agencies need to rely a bit more on their own homegrown talent and a proactive approach to the execution of their service.  If it’s claims, pro activity begins on the front lines with supervisors and their charges.  The expertise of human resources can help to devise training sessions and protocols to help employers handle claims issues such as workers comp.  If left at the direction of insurance companies, employers may well be mired in an ongoing  injury or incident cycle as they await dedicated attention from a big box vendor.  So step up, whether you’re ready or not and take the bull by the horns!