Annual MSA Attestation

Every year, the administrator (injured worker, professional administrator) must sign and send a statement (attestation) that payments from the Medicare Set Aside account were made for Medicare-covered medical expenses related to the work-related injury. This annual attestation must be submitted no later than 30 days after the end of each year, beginning one year from the establishment of the MSA account. Annual self-attestation should continue until the MSA account is depleted permanently & finalized with CMS. Medicare, will at that point, become the primary payer. hashtagmedicare hashtagriskmanager hashtagworkerscomp hashtagclaimsmanagement hashtagworkerscompensation hashtagmedicareadvantage hashtagclaims hashtagriskmanagment hashtaghumanresources hashtagbmawestmsa hashtagwcemployerschool hashtagparma hashtagbmawest

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