Three takeaways from WC Employer’s School!

If you’re smart enough to find yourself at next month’s Workers Compensation Employer’s School on January 24, 2019 you’ll come to realize that in order to come out on top in this changing workers comp arena, you, and employers like you, will need to take an assertive stance to break free of the big box, bundled insurance programs in order to devise a flexible, collaborative risk and insurance program that will prevent injuries on one end and limit long term claim losses on the other.  With this in mind, here are the major takeaways from Workers Comp Employer’s school:

  1. Injuries can be prevented by proactively preventing them!

What?! Yup. A proactive on-site therapeutic preventative program can communicate an appreciative message to employees, which goes a long way in deterring claim litigation when injuries to occur.  This type of program also  makes for a healthy workforce!

2. Devising your own team of cost containment experts can save you thousands of dollars!

Breaking free of your bundled program, doesn’t mean you need to leave your carrier or third-party administrator.  It simply means choosing your own panel of experts that will allow you to save money on claims, where it matters, rather focusing on price savings on the front-end.

3. Creating a proactive claims management program will save $millions!

The traditional claims model depends on a lengthy claims process in order to make money for interested parties.  But handling claims and settling claims in an expeditious manner; reducing the future medical claim inventory and eliminating legacy claims are known to save an employer millions of dollars in the long term!

So Save the date! January 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA!  Sign up here!


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