Workers Comp Employer’s School!

Today’s California workers compensation business environment is being increasingly squeezed as large equity owned firms and the existing third-party administrators seek to monopolize the business of managing risk and claims.  Our purpose has always been to coach and consult employers to improved risk and claims related results, leaving them in a better condition than we found them.  However, rising costs, increased litigation, poor claim management and the involvement of Medicare in the resolution of claims has given rise to the concept of workers comp advocacy.

Our Workers Comp Employers School™ is not only an orientation to on-site risk management and claims strategy for employers, but also an introduction to a transformation from the existing claims model to one of advocacy.  We believe that a successful transformation requires the involvement by certain key expert service providers.  A successful launch of our Workers Comp Employers School™ will enable firms like yours to grow alongside employers who will be implementing a work comp advocacy philosophy in their work sites.  We strongly believe that our series of seminars will prove to be a very worthwhile and profitable investment in the future and in the development of close relationships with the employers who will attend.

WC Employer’s School is a unique workshop/seminar that seeks to educate and empower human resource professionals, risk managers, work comp claim coordinators, business owners and claims administrators in the practice of proactive workers comp claims planning and administration.  Over the course of five hours, attendees are led through the basics of risk and insurance, the claims model and how it works, mastery of their workers compensation program, choosing the right team, the right experts and the right claims administrators. Highlights of the workshop include the “6 Step Future Medical Clam Resolution Process”; “How to Settle Legacy Claims” and “Where Are the Holes in Your Workers Comp Boat”.  The end product is an action plan for the attendee to pursue and introductions to a limited number of workers comp experts that may help them change their workers comp experience.

Sign up today to attend or sponsor this unique workshop!  You will easily see a return on investment!  Click on this link!

Questions? Call (949) 830-2027 or write.

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