A nice little place to do business & 40 years of experience and a little mentoring!

Over the last seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a small TPA in Garden Grove, CA called Southland Claims.  Led by insurance veteran, Bill Grace, Southland has developed into an expert at handling clients with exceptional challenges.  There’s no high tech, no robo calls, no automated claims diary system.  In fact claims examiners do most of the work from beginning to end and clients couldn’t be happier!  It is business the old-fashioned way; hard work and dedication and it really works!  I doubt you’ll find a LinkedIn page, but you can certainly give Bill and his crew a call (714) 772-1933!  They specialize in general liability, auto liability, commercial, property and workers’ compensation!   If I had to identify a few things that have impressed me about Bill Grace it would be his drive and faithful perseverance; his partnership with Ginny, his wife and his willingness to mentor me when I most need it!  I doubt any big box TPA would give this much!

the logo for Southland Claims Service, Inc.

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