The meaning of ThanksGIVING!


From the first formal proclamation of this holiday given by George Washington in 1789 as requested by Congress for “a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many favors of Almighty God”, we learn of the true meaning to gather with those we love. May this holiday remind us of all the reasons we have to be filled with gratitude.

Participate in ThanksGIVING

If you are like most people, Thanksgiving is a time of savory foods, the company of family and friends, and, well, football.  However as easy as it may be for us to verbally share around the dinner table that which makes us grateful; it is an even bigger joy for us to actively give so that the spirit of thankfulness might increase. Here are a few practical websites where generosity and empowerment abounds:,,, or  Here in Southern California our food banks that feed the poor and hungry find themselves strapped for food donations.   The California wildfires have also left thousands homeless.  As a result many may leave empty-handed this year. Please consider donating to your local food bank.

Have a blessed day!

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