Medicare by the numbers

In order to make the Medicare red flags stand out for you, the following numbers should become part of your adjusting knowledge:

  • 0 – the number of days a claimant must wait before filing for Social Security Disability after an injury or disability
  • 5 – the waiting period in months before claimant begins receiving Social Security Disability Insurance
  • 24 – the number of months on Social Security Disability before a claimant becomes Medicare eligible
  • $25K + – the minimum amount of a settlement (including the MSA) required for CMS review of your MSA (called the CMS review threshold)
  • 90-120 – the number of days it takes CMS to review an MSA (if they all info they need)
  • 100% – the amount of the C&R settlement CMS considers as future medical monies if they are not considered in the settlement

Call or write if you have questions.  I will be in your office this week and happy to discuss cases you may be considering for settlement. Have a great week!

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