Why nurse case management?

Nurse case managers act as social workers, patient advocate, and serve as a liaison between patients, claims personnel, and healthcare providers.  But why?  What good is this to employers?  Well, if an employer has adopted a workers comp advocacy approach, the nurse case manager serves to reduce time off of work by reducing the gaps in the medical care provided.  Most are actual nurses and have a social work background.  Their social work experience helps to retrieve the claimant from post-injury depression or simple uncertainty.  As a nurse they can help to communicate the injured workers needs and concerns to his medical, eliminating pauses in treatment that can increase time off work and increase the probability of litigation.

The days of aggressive claim handling processes is nearing an end.  Common sense and failed experience, has proven that a workers comp advocacy approach coupled with a quality nurse case management team return employees to work.  That means huge savings down the line!

Victory      bmanley assoc logo

Our affiliate Manley & Associates has experienced nurse case managers in all 50 states, including California, that will get employees back to work or help to manage the most complex of claims.  Here’s the link!  https://manleyandassociates.com/service/case-management/

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